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317 x 120 x 120 cm




Biography of Pollès

The history of Pollès is perhaps a familiar story. Born and raised in Paris, Pollès was in medical school, primarily to please his parents, but his passion was not there. In his last year, against the will of his father, Pollès left medical school and soon after left Paris and moved to Pietrasanta, Italy. Why Pietrasanta?

His passion had always been art, and sculpture was the venue that most interested him. Pietrasanta is the center of sculpture in the world. The finest marble is available in Cararra and other nearby quarries. He soon purchased an old winery and made his home in Pietrasanta. In this space, over time, he built his own foundry. He is the only sculptor in the world who does everything from designing the piece to executing the making of the bronze work himself (with a crew of 2 or 3 to help). He is a sculptor's sculptor. A man to himself who dreams of his creations and executes them himself in what has become his unique cubist style. In addition, he has invented a machine that allows him to create his sculpture, in perfect proportion, to whatever size he dictates to the machine. This is patented and is singular and unique to Pollès.

His love of women, the sensuality, the complexity, the shapes and passions, brought him to create the female form. From the beginning he created a singularly stylized cubist form which has become his signature. All are cast in bronze by Pollès himself and made in a series of three with one artist's proof. His master of the petina is considered unparalleled.

The world's recognition of his craft is evidenced by the many awards he has won, the unique places he has shown and the prestigious private collections he is in, including that of Princess Caroline of Monaco. Pollès was recently honored in an exhibition outside Paris, sponsored by the French Government, called “Sculptors From Rodin to The Present”. He was one of the few living sculptors to be so honored, the others include Abakanowicz, Arman, Saint-Phalle & Wesselmann. Morris Rheims, a respected Art Critic, and a member of The French Academy, has said “I consider Pollès to be one of the outstanding sculptors of our time.”

His show in the Bagatelle Gardens in Paris in 1998 was a major honor as he was one of only two artists who have ever been allowed to present their work in the Bagatelle. The other artist is Henry Moore.